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Buche unsere geprüften Deejays für deinen exklusiven Event. Dank unseren Partnern helfen wir dir auch bei der Umsetzung und Vermarktung.
Andy's affection for music began during his early years at school. He played the drums for 13 years and quickly discovered his passion was rhythmic beats, due to the unending diversity of this style of music. His motto in life is to stay unique, doing things nobody else does.

He sang solo in a choir and since 2010 dances in a street Hip Hop dance group. He is devoted to these hobbies with heart and soul. In 2015 he discovered his true passion, electronic sounds and beats. He became more interested in electronic dance music, organizing events, initially "All Style Events" and then found his own lable, Solotech.

In 2020, during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown, he started exploring with Deejaying. His Deejay name "Dirt" is his surname transalted into English. There is no limit in life, take every chance.
SoHo Kosmos Wangen an der Aare Schaltzentrale Balsthal
Musigchäller Olten
Boiler Club Aarau

Elia was born in 1995. Found his passion for music when he was a little boy. At the age of 4 he started to learn the drums. Which he played over 12 years. at 14, he found his love in electronic music. And started deejaying.

At 16 he had his first appearances in various clubs, such as Kiff (Aarau) X-Tra (Zurich). Since he was 19 he has been enticed by techno music. Funky tech house beats and pumpy basslines! That's what Elia loves.
Casineum (Lucerne), Loft (Aarau), Boiler Club (Aarau), Vario Bar (Olten), Magazine (Olten), Paraiba (Olten), Musik Keller (Olten), Control center (Balsthal)
Zürich based Martin Muffler is the head behind the Martique project. In 2011, he made his first experiences with electronic music. Since 2013, he plays his progressive trance DJ project "Astronix" together with his friend DJ Lexsyndrom in various clubs all over Switzerland.

In 2017, Martin discovered the well-known Hive Club in Zurich. He was overwhelmed by the musical variety that the house and techno scene in zürich had to offer. He started playing techno and at the same time he founded his live project "Martique".

In general, he plays the highly energetic version of tech - deeptech known today. His productions stand for quality and recognition value without compromise. He performs and produces the way he sees it, not being afraid to try something new. The stage is his home and crowdreading is his foundation. Whether before or after his set, you can always find him in front or behind the decks.
Universo Parallello Brasil, Burning Mountain Festival, OneLove Festival, Spacemonki, X-Tra, Dynamo, Sektor 11, Sedel Luzern, Kaufleuten, Alte Kaserne, Stadthalle Dietikon, Wooz, Galvanik Zug and many more
Mike was born in 1994. His passion for music developed when he was a teenager. He was so fascinated by electronic music, he quickly bought his first equipment and started deejaying in his bedroom. A few years later he had his first appearance in "Gallerie Olten" and many gigs followed. In 2019 he realized his dream by building his own studio from scratch. Since his studio is finished he spends almost every day producing. Mike loves pumpy kicks and groovy Basslines and Melody's but most Mike simply enjoys the bright faces from his audience.
Dancepalast(GER), Gaskessel Bern, Gallerie Olten, Glow Club St.Gallen and many more.
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